Chapter 3 Notes: Ethics

30 03 2009

Ethics can be referred to as a person’s value system and how that person differentiates between what they believe to be right and wrong. There are 3 basic value orientations. They are absolutists, existentialist, and situationalists.  Even people that represent a company can behave in an ethical manner because the public understands that the advocate is working due to an assigned role.  For example…attorneys and lawyers.  Certian groups like the PRSA, IABC, IPRA are responsible for the setting the standards and ethical behaviors for the profession.  “It is the responsibility of the public relations professionalsto disclose the funding and identity of individuals who claim to be ‘citizen groups’ but actually represent the disguised interests of their actual sponsors. ”  In order to achieve true public relations the professional must hold a higher standard and to the public interest.  They are more than “careerists”.  They do not simply repeat what the organization they wants them to say.




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