Chapter 6 Notes and Summary: Program Planning

30 03 2009

Following the research step of the of the public relations process is program planning.  This is designed to complete organizational objectives.  The objectives of a program can either be informational or motivational.  Informational creates an awareness of a product or service and motivational tries to generate more customer participation and sales.

There are two approaches to program planning.  They are management by objective (MBO)  and strategic planning models.

“MBO provides focus and direction for formulating strategy to achieve specific organizational objectives.”

Most public relations firms have their own planning model consisting of market research, demographic segmentation of target audiences, and establishment of key messages.

“A program plan is either a brief outline or an extensive document identifying what is to be done and how.”  There are eight basic parts of a program plan:  situation/opportunity, objectives, audience, strategy, tactics, calendar or timeline, budget, and evaluation.




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