10 Tips on Job Searching.

1 05 2009

1. Check out the on line job search engines like Monster, etc..

2. Get on twitter…duh!

3. Be overly prepared.  Even something as simple as brushing up on the history of the company can put you one step ahead.

4.  Get your resume critiqued to a “T”.  Your resume could never be too perfect.

5.  Learn how to shake a hand like a professional…not a thug.

6.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

7.  Start building your portfolio immediately.

8.  Not to be harsh, but don’t dress like am idiot.  Get a nice suit and formal business attire.

9.  Internship means experience and experience means a better job down the road.

10.  Be a ” go-getter”!!! For most people things don’t just happen.  Go out and find that job for you!!




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