Top 10 Things I Learned in Intro.

4 05 2009

1.  As much as i hate to say it…social networking and social media sites play a major role in the field of Public Relations.  The connections a student can make play a pivotal role in job searching for a student on the brink of graduation.

2.  News Releases are one the most frequently used aspects in PR.  I had no idea that a PR practitioner had so much involvement in the creation and presenting of a news release.

3.  Diversity is  a concept that anyone pursuing a career in this field must grasp firmly.  This world continues to grow and change and unless a PR person stays on top of its changes they will be left behind.

4.  TEAMWORK is crucial because of the amount of people involved in all aspects of public relations!!!!

5.  APA and AP style.  Plain and simple. KNOW IT!!!!

6.  Know your audience.  In order to properly cater to your audience you must know what makes them tick.  Know the likes, dislikes, etc…

7.  Take a risk once in a while.  Nothing worth having in this life ever came free.  People have great ideas on a daily basis, but not many of those ideas actually reach the production stage.

8.  Stay in touch.  Once again back to the social media, but in orderr to have a network, one must network.

9.  Narrow down what part of PR interests you the most.  Now this is a lot easier said than don, at least for me anyways.  If you know what you want to do you can have more interest in the field itself rather than getting caught up in the “boring” stuff.

10.  Ethics is arguably the most important thing that a PR person can take in the field with them.  We all know what is right and wrong, however we do not always abide by our moral compass.


48 Hours of Twitter…

1 05 2009

I really have been giving it a shot in trying to participate in yet another social networking system in which I follow (friend) someone. I’m not even a big fan of Facebook so social networks don’t really work for me. But on the positive side of things i do like the amount of celebrities I am able to find…if it is actually them I’m not sure.